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Truefit180 – San Francisco, CA Website Design

As always, we have been working on a plethora of new projects over here in Ontario, California at Bertino Designs. So many projects in fact, that we haven’t had time to update our blog recently! Among our other projects, one that we recently launched is a website called Truefit180 – San Francisco, CA Website Design. The concept of Truefit180 came from Matt Truscott, who is a personal trainer in the San Francisco, California Area. His vision of the Truefit180 website was for it to be a valuable resource for information on fitness, nutrition, and overall health. He wanted to incorporate a blog which he and the other members of his team could update with articles. He also wanted to include a subscription feature, which allows those visitors to sign up, receive newsletters, and even submit their own articles to be published.

Matt also wanted to include an Events calendar that he could update on his website. We were able to integrate a calendar along with his WordPress install, so he can easily add events and update them himself. Upcoming events show in the sidebar of his site, and there is also a full calendar page which shows all the events on a monthly basis. Truefit180 РSan Francisco, CA Website Design

As I mentioned before, Truefit180 is a very in depth site, with countless resources. We also included a video gallery. What is really cool about this gallery, is the fact that it pulls the videos directly from Truefit180’s Youtube channel. So, when they upload a new video to Youtube, it is automatically added to the playlist on the site. The sleek, custom design of the gallery doesn’t hurt either. I guess here at Bertino Designs, we just like to make our clients more than happy.

Along with all of the web site features listed above, we included our completely custom graphic design work that really makes our sites stand out. We also included the standard pages, such as About and Contact. Although they might be standard pages, at Bertino Designs, you know we take them all to the next level.

With all of those features, and all that continuously growing content, we also included a very extensive footer to keep everything organized. It features links to categories, the newest posts, and serves as a sitemap to help visitors find their way around the site.

Okay, so now that you have read all of the hype and you are excited to see all of the hard work we put into one of our newest projects, go check out the website and see for yourself!

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