Sloane – Website Redesign

Sloane is an exclusive Bay Area nightclub located in San Francisco and they recently tripled in size. The new addition is being called “Sloane Squared” and they needed a fresh new look to go along with it. We have had the pleasure of working with Sloane on several projects in the past, so we were more than happy to hear that they wanted our help to redesign their website.

Sloane - Website Design

We decided on a nice, clean look that didn’t rely heavily on large graphic elements. The result, as you can see above, is a very sleek looking website. The homepage features a custom jQuery content slider with five of their upcoming events. The events will automatically fade from one to the next. If the user clicks one of the dates, then they are presented with the event flier and information, as well as a button which allows them to RSVP. You will also notice on the homepage that there is a small music player in the bottom right corner. This music player is on every page of the site, which I am sure you have seen done before. What’s so special about this music player then, you ask? When browsing from page to page, it remembers where you were in the current song and continues to play from that point, instead of restarting. Pretty fancy, don’t you think?

Sloane - RSVP Form

I mentioned above about the RSVP button, and I’m sure that piqued your interest. What does this RSVP button do? Well let me tell you! Sloane’s RSVP service allows people to beat the line and make sure they get in before the club reaches capacity. The RSVP buttons throughout the website bring up a simple form for the visitor to fill out. They enter their name and contact information, select the day they want to RSVP, and if they are going to bring any guests. When they click send, the information is sent to Sloane in a format that is ready to be embedded in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is then printed out, and the bouncer can check the names at the door!

Sloane - Website Redesign

Another feature we had previously implemented and wanted to include in the new site design was the Event Calendar. Sloane hosts multiple events every week, so their lineup must be updated on a regular basis. To make this as easy as we could for them to update, we did the whole backend for the Event Calendar in WordPress. All they have to do is login, create a new event, upload the flier and select the date, and post it. As soon as an event passes, it is automatically archived and removed from the events page. Head on over the Sloane’s Event Calendar to check it out for yourself!


by Bertino