Lone Wolf Cigars – Santa Monica, CA Web Designer

Lone Wolf Cigars Homepage

Lone Wolf Cigars Homepage

Lone Wolf Cigars – Santa Monica, CA Web Designer

We recently had the pleasure of working with Lone Wolf Cigars, in Santa Monica, CA, on a complete redesign of their old website. We just launched the site, and we are very happy with how the project turned out. We got to use a lot of creativity throughout the entire design phase and right through the development process. Lone Wolf Cigars – Santa Monica, CA Web Designer. The design appears clean and simple to the eye, but it also boasts several small features that work together to provide a nice user experience for the site visitor.

The homepage features a classic image slider, with simple yet effective numeric navigation. This allows a lot of information to be shown in a single space, without overwhelming the visitor. A carousel of logos is shown below that, displaying the brands that Lone Wolf Cigars carries. The carousel automatically scrolls, elegantly showing off the long list brands that you can purchase at their shop in Santa Monica. On the right hand side, we included three large links. When the user hovers over, the image scrolls up and reveals a straight forward call to action, including the ability to print a coupon.

Company History Page

The subpages all feature large background images to draw the users attention, but also feature similar layout to keep consistency throughout the website. The subpages have a large heading, allowing the user to know exactly where they are at any given moment. The white text is laid out on the dark background, offering the user nice readability for the user.

Newsletter Signup

Lone Wolf also has a mailing list with Constant Contact that they wanted to build upon with their new website. Instead of creating an entire page for such a simple thing, we utilized a jQuery lightbox to display the signup form. When the visitor clicks the Register link, they are presented with a simple and clean subscription form. All they have to do is fill in their email address, click Submit, and they can easily return to the page that they were browsing beforehand.

Contact Page

Since Lonewolf Cigars is a brick and mortar shop, one of the main reasons for having the website is to bring customers from Southern California into their Santa Monica location. Thus, the contact page is a crucial part of the website’s success. Since we provide a Get Directions link on every page of the website, the need for an embedded Google Map is not there. Therefore, we got creative with it. We designed a completely custom map, that sticks with the theme of the site. The map is cleaner than a typical Google Map, and with only a quick glance, the website visitor can tell where the shop is located.

Screenshots really can’t do this website justice, so head on over to Lone Wolf Cigars and check out all the fun effects!

by Bertino